LED Street lighting

Uses an innovative design in integrating the heat sink and housing; The LED module uses a proprietary method of transferring heat to the heat sink which features wings to take advantage of cross ventilation. This heat dissipation ensures the usable life of 50,000 hours of the LED, which based upon 12 hours working each day results in a life span of over 10 years.

LED street lightThe housing is made of die cast aluminum alloy to dissipate heat in an effective way and prevent water and dust from damaging the interior. The luminaire is IP65 rated. The external surface of the housing has been treated to provide resistance to ultraviolet and corrosion.

  • Features a high purity aluminum reflector,
  • housing and
  • heat sink;
  • high strength tempered glass cover;
  • high power LED;
  • high efficiency LED driver.
  • City streets/pavements,
  • squares/schools/parks/yards,
  • residence area/factories and some other places where need lighting