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Electric Fence

electric-fenceFor gardeners everywhere, the race to gather the harvest before animals do can be frustrating. Luckily, there is hope. Electric fences help provide a barrier around your garden that deter animals from being where they are unwanted and taking what is not theirs. In addition, it provides protection against intruders into the compound. Therefore, African Solar has solid understanding on how to supply & it in the security bulwark as a safety measure against animals and human too.

Drinking Water

drinking-waterAccess to a clean, reliable water supply is critical for the Survival of humans and animals. Grounds water sources offer cleaner and reliable supplies of drinking water. With focus on reliability and efficiency we have variety perfected unique designs for pumps, DC drives and controllers. Components are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure a long and trouble free life with low maintenance requirements and low operating costs. Solar pumps are matched to local water conditions for optimum performance. Intelligent designs keep electronics above ground and the brushless DC drives match solar generators perfectly. Africa solar pumping using products deliver drinking water to people and livestock economically and reliably.


IrrigationFor many communities the growth of agriculture is vital to sustaining local food needs and to improving their economy. Africa solar irrigation solutions produce no emissions, generate almost no noise and do not use any fuels or lubricants that could pollute water sources. Solar power for irrigation is more reliable than arid power and significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel power.

The solar pumps complement the design of drip irrigation systems, delivering water precisely and efficiently to individual plants. Very high volumes of water for large scale irrigation can also be supported trough a wide range of pump sizes and vertical lifts. African solar irrigation solutions are a very attractive alternative to electric diesel powered pumping and support sustainable agriculture.

Solar Lighting & Power Back-up Systems

back-upsThe increasing demand for electricity, the high price of diesel/petrol and growing concern for our environment are some of several factors forcing us to enhance the use of alternative energy sources.
African Solar offers a sustainable alternative power for lighting and loads support in commercial & home

  • The back-up system helps to keep the loads on i.e. lights, computers during power outages or natural disaster while potentially saving you even more on your monthly utility bills.
  • Solar System on the other hand come in play in remote areas where grid scarce or unavailable. We oer a variety of solutions for different scenarios.

Hot Water Free From The Sun

hot-water-systemsSolar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic water. Free & Natural. It’s the way you’ve always wanted to shower. With a solar hot water system it’s more than just a feeling. It’s a fact of life, and it’s yours to enjoy everyday.

The solar heating system on your roof will do it. African Soar design allows the sun to heat your water naturally so you get luxurious hot water heated free from the sun. On tap. Everyday. Now that’s what you call Free & Natural! Hot water which saves on energy, saves on water heating costs and helps save the environment too. With a Solar hot water system you get it all. And it’s all Free & Natural.

Now isn’t that the way you’ve always wanted to shower!